Customer FAQs


How do I replace my float switch with a Water Witch Sensor?

We have prepared a guide to answer this question, to view it click here.

What are the sensors and what are they composed of?

The sensors are 3/4 in diameter stainless steel disks that you see on the front of our switches. They transmit impulses which activate the pump, and turn it off.

Does water need to cover both sensors to start pumping water?

Normally, no. It depends on if the boat is in the water. Looking at the bilge switch with the wires coming out the top, the lowest sensor disk becomes the activation sensor (on model 217,230, and 23 series only, Model 101 and 10 series only have one disk and use the mounting tab as a ground) so the water needs only to barely touch that sensor for 8 seconds to activate your pump. However, if your bilge water is not grounded the water may need to touch both sensors to activate the switch Note: In some cases where there is a lot of rain water entering the bilge, the water may be too clean for our sensor to see. In these rare situations the best course of action is to manually activate the bilge pump to remove the rain water or add mineral (chlorine, salt, bilge cleaners) to the bilge.

What level do you mount the Water Witch bilge switch?

You should install it above the water level left in the bilge after your pump has completed its normal pumping cycle.

Why would the pump turn on when no water is on the switch?

Every time power is initiated to the boat system, or the Water Witch sensor(s), the switch will turn on the pump for 3 pulses. This is normal and is a good signal because it informs you that the system and pump(s) are operational.

How do I hook-up a 3-way switch?

It depends on the pump manufacturer and you should use their instructions. Please Note AUTO Position-Proper voltage must go to our RED wire MANUAL Position – Proper voltage connection must go to our TAN wire What Are The Water Witch Wiring Sequences? Tan Wire Positive (+) side of the pump Black Wire Negative (-) side of the battery Red Wire Positive (+) side of the battery.

What should I use on the electrical connections for best installation?

Connect to a terminal strip, or use quality butt connectors and apply a marine grade liquid electrical tape to prevent water intrusion on your electrical connection.

What size FUSE should I use?

It is important to use the size recommended by the pump manufacturer.

What can be used to clean the stainless steel sensors?

Generally, all that is needed is a wet rag. If your bilge has been extremely dirty, we suggest a quality bilge cleaner and wipe them clean. Do not use wax on the sensors.

Will the Water Witch function with oil or gasoline on the water?

While the Water Witch does not detect oil or gas, it operates with extended time delays. As the water continues to rise, it will lift the oil (hydrocarbons) above the sensors and detect the bilge water. This will activate the pump until the “water” is off the sensors.

How do I test the Water Witch?

Upon correct initial installation, the Water Witch will turn on your pump for 3 pulses  and then turn off. You can use any conductive material (wet rag works best) across both sensors for the delay time (8 seconds) to activate the pump (for the model 101, the second sensor is the mounting tab). Note: Depending on how it was installed, the Water Witch should also turn on when your vessel powers up